Office Clearance and Recycling

Recycling and Disposal

Commercial Relocations are committed to reducing the impact on the environment, working with our clients to avoid the use of landfill.

Where possible, we rehome re-useable items with charitable organisations to ensure that furniture (Desks, Cabinets and Chairs) find a new home.

If your furniture is end of life or re-homing isn’t possible, we professionally recycle to avoid the use of landfill.

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Recycling

During office moves, our clients often take the opportunity to upgrade IT and consumables. We can provide as part of the move and clearance process, WEEE recycling, of your IT equipment, cabling and consumables. Where possible we use charitable organisations to recondition items, which can be sold to raise money for worthwhile charitable causes.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction

As part of our services we can provide a secure hard drive destruction service

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